Paintings - EP

by Seafair

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released May 18, 2013

Recorded and mixed by James Kananen at Bad Racket Recording.



all rights reserved


Seafair Cleveland, Ohio


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Track Name: Textbook Holiday
Please sit still I am trying to map out your face and the ways to your body
And I feel just like a kid in school, so happy to be a fool in love with someone like you, someone as perfect as you
The sky looks blue against your eyes
The grass so green here on this side
The clouds take shape of love in its full form
With every single day I love you more and more
Please dont think that I am trying to creep you out,
Youre just all I think about.
And if you ever change your mind I will be right here, with open my arms,
my dear, to make it crystal clear.
Please dont ever say its so
Please dont ever let me go
Please dont ever let me go
Track Name: The Plea
He met her at a party on the dodgy side of town
She offered him a cold one but his mouth was gagged and bound
He listened to the song she played and watched her dance around
She held him close and pondered "my dear god what have I found?"
Dont go.
She wrote him every morning and he prayed she meant each word
He felt to love and be loved sounded morbidly absurd
She took to the house where she learned to live and grow
He met the ones that taught her and the ones she felt were foes
Dont Go
He crawled into his mind then in her bed
He kissed her on the mouth, her legs came next
And as she falls asleep he paces to and fro
He looks up to the sky and cries "please dont go"
Dont go
Now everythings great but nothing is perfect
She felt him in her lungs today
He rolls another cigarette
And wishes that he could stay
She crawled into his mind, then in his bed
She kissed him on the mouth, his heart came next
And as they fall asleep, she says "i love you so"
She looks into his eyes and cries
"Please dont go"
Track Name: Snowflakes & Earthquakes
Just the other day I felt so out of place
The weight of the world left lines across my face
I felt so powerless as if I could not change
Then I heard a voice say everythings ok
So I took to my skin and realized we're not that different
We walk the same streets, past different buildings
And if you feel alone just make sure that you know
You're beautiful and all your own, your own
Just the other day I felt so out of place
Events occurred that I could not erase
I saw a stranger in the mirror the image wasnt quite clear
But I'm alive and I'm still standing here
We're unique like snowflakes
We fall like them too
We're strong just like earthquakes
The damage we do
Track Name: Just Faded Lines
I still had a lot to say the day you left, the day you walked away
We cried for hours and hours, made morning showers, your magic powers
Saved me from who I am, or who I was way back when
As our walls came crumbling down they did not make a single sound
I asked if we're ok
Yeah I'm ok, I'm just the same as when we first kissed, a lovers bliss, but something missed
But you cant leave me now
I've got my heart on my sleeve
And I've got this hole in my chest
And I need you to believe that I can't breathe
And as the sun came up I hoped that night had meant something much more
Not just a notion or a nudge given by some lonely spores
And if you give it up we'll never see more
Su you can't leave me now...
And you can live in all your darkness, but soon you'll crave some light
You can wine the war inside yourself but not without a fight
And I love you more than ever, crying on our floor
I can carry on without you, but with you life means more
I can carry on....
Track Name: Folding Maps
Did you ever think that it would happen, Fate, would bring us here?
Well I've been on a mental teeter-totter, the plausible possibilities fuel my fear.
Well I'm just fine with the distance
But if the world were flat
Just once
I'm blind to this, your drunken sorrow
Around we go, it stops when you say so
Did you ever wonder what would happen if we left this place?
Well I knew the answer to the question when I saw all the light leave your face.
All I wanted was a sign to give me some piece of mind
All I needed was a way to work this out, to know that we would be ok
And all I want is for us to go
It's just a place of retreat that we like to know